Vision, Mission and Values


To create a welcoming, vibrant building in which all sections of the community meets and experiences activities which promote well-being, creativity, learning and empowerment, sustained by a range of suitable income-generating activities which fit with our core values.


To build a healthier, more skilled and more united community with the resilience to respond positively to change. To create a sustainable community enterprise in a Grade 2 listed building.


  • We are ambitious for the community
  • We are committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity
  • We want to create an inclusive community
  • We believe in respect and treating everyone fairly
  • We believe in partnership and working with other people to make a bigger difference
  • We aim to use local skills and local businesses as far as possible
  • We want to embrace a green ethos in everything we do
  • We believe in the power of the arts to empower the community
  • We endeavour to work in a friendly, co-operative and supportive way